Will I Lose Friends When I Stop Drinking?

A Common Reservation in Addiction Recovery

Russ W
6 min readAug 4, 2023
Photo by Wil Stewart on Unsplash

Maybe. But only the ones worth losing.

People enter into addiction recovery with a lifetime supply of concerns and reservations about giving up drinking.

One of the biggest reservations is relationships.

It’s quite common for people in early recovery to hide their treatment and new-found abstinence from friends and family members. Why?

To avoid revealing they have a problem. Fear of judgment. To prevent special treatment. To avoid having relationships change. Fear of abandonment. To sidestep shame. Fear of letting loved ones down if they relapse.

All valid concerns; sometimes these fears are even accurate.

Years invested in my own recovery and work with hundreds of clients, however, prove the opposite is much more likely.

Not only are friends and family happy to hear about the decision to seek treatment, they are often supportive and willing to help however they can.

Being honest about something we’ve been hiding for years is no easy task. The decision of who to tell what is ultimately the choice of the individual.



Russ W

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