Custom tailored for perfectionists

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Do you ever stop to ask why you’re being so nasty to yourself?

“How could you be this stupid?” “This is why no one likes you.” “Your work is terrible; you are terrible.” “You’re a worthless failure.” “What would your parents say if they saw you now?”

The list of…

An authentic approach to overcoming social isolation

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The world is very loud today. Everyone seems to have a microphone, but few have an audience. There’s so much noise and so many claims on individual attention that it can seem nearly impossible to get others to listen.

When they do pay attention, are they really listening? Or are…

Let’s keep “his” name out of this

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Hello, friend,

We have a growing problem on our hands: Divisiveness and incivility. This problem is getting steadily worse for two reasons. First, politicians exploit this discontent to retain power, which is the primary motivating force for any politician. Despite what they might claim, our leaders have no genuine interest…

Our oversimplified narrative completely misses the real problem

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Addiction is a scary, debilitating thing. Its all-consuming vice grip can hollow out even the most resilient of loved ones, leaving them no more than a shell of their prior selves. It consistently defies logic, stubbornly resists unwelcomed help and will stop at nothing to prolong its existence.

Close personal…

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